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Canine Good Citizen Class Pre-Registration Form

It is critical that you read the ENTIRE page.
All information you provide is confidential and will not be distributed in any way.

Our CGC classes are in high demand, therefore there is always a rolling waiting list to get in. You will be placed on the waiting list in the order that your pre-registration is received.

In an effort to help train your dog to pass the CGC Evaluation, the material is set up in a building-block format, where each class builds off the foundation from the previous class. This makes it absolutely critical to attend ALL classes within your eight week session.

Class Information
Select your class time preference: Thursday at 6pm Thursday at 7:15pm
If your choice isn't available, would you be able to attend at the alternate time?
Yes No
Are you currently a member of JBKC?
Yes No
Please specify any classes you are currently taking at JBKC:
Your Information
Dog's Owner:

For consistency, the handler may not change throughout the entire session. Exceptions are occasionally made, at the discression of the instructor and ONLY if the instructor knows about it before the sessions starts.
Owner's Phone Number:
Text messages okay? Yes No
Owner's Email Address:
Re-type Owner's Email Address:
State: Zip code:
Your Dog's Information
Dog's Name:
Dog's birthdate:
Dog's Breed or Breed mix:
How long have you had your dog?
Select one:
Intact Male Neutered Male
Intact Female Spayed Female
Where did you get your dog?
Breeder Rescue
Store Other:
Does your dog have a Bite Order against them? No Yes
Additional Information
Have you trained dogs before? If so, to what capacity?
How did you hear about our classes?
What are your dog's strengths?
What do you want to work on the most with your dog?
What collar or harness do you *walk* your dog on?
Has your dog ever snapped at people or other dogs, including instances where no contact was made? If so, please describe the situation in detail.
What does your dog do when (s)he comes close to another dog when your dog is on a leash? Please be specific.
If you have any physical limitations, what can we do to help accomidate you in a class setting?
Does your dog have any physical disabilities (deaf, blind, etc) that we should be aware of?
Dog's Veterinarian:
Veterinarian's phone number:
Do you agree to provide proof of vaccines from your vet, including Rabies, DHL, Parvo, and Bordetella (kennel cough)?
Agree Disagree


Do you have any additional information or questions?





Contact Information
102 W Delavan Drive
Janesville, WI 53546

Contact Information
(608)752-4485 (8a-9p)

For all questions regarding our current classes, please see our Classes page.

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