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All dogs need training. Purebred and mixed breeds are welcome! Classes are held in a welcoming and friendly environment that is catered to a groups specific needs. Our classes are for dog lovers, those who want their dogs to be part of their family and accepted wherever they go. All classes are designed to strengthen the bond between dogs and their families.

Janesville-Beloit Kennel Club Classes Offered:
  • Puppy
    • We offer 2 puppy classes (divided based on age). This is a core class (no prior class is required).

  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
    • CGC is a basic manners class for all dogs over 6 months of age. This is a Core Class (no prior classes required).

  • Rally Obedience
    • Rally is a fun way to do obedience with your dog. Dogs and handlers learn to navigate the signs and exercises, run courses, design courses, and just have fun. Passing a Canine Good Citizen evaluation is required for this class.

  • Novice Obedience
    • Beginner Obedience prepares your dog for a life of good behavior and teaches you how to train your dog in a formal way. Essential for anyone who might go on to show your dog in obedience trials, but also a good idea for a well-rounded pet. Passing a Canine Good Citizen evaluation is required for this class.

  • Conformation
    • This class teaches conformation showing in its entirety.

Janesville-Beloit Kennel Club JBKC Training Center Regulations

Updated 2017

Dogs present in the building must be owned by JBKC member or currently registered in a class or participating in a JBKC event.

All dogs must show proof of vaccination before starting their class. Required vaccinations include: Rabies, DHL, Parvo, and Bordetella (kennel cough). Puppies under 5 months are exempt from the Rabies shot. It is recommended that the dog have a fecal exam before class. Mixed breeds and pure-bred dogs are welcome. There is no maximum age; Dogs of all ages can learn new "tricks!"

If your female comes into season, do NOT bring her to class, but attend yourself and inform the chairperson. If possible, bathe her before coming back to class in 3 weeks.

Classes begin promptly and it is very important that you attend all of them. Please try to be on time. Class fees are non-refundable.

Wear non-skid running shoes and appropriate clothing that will not get in the way while you are training your dog.

Handlers must be at least 18 years old (unless specific written approval from the class chairman) and MUST be able to control the dog. Only one handler at a time to be allowed on the mats working with the dog. No dog or handler may be substituted for another during the course of the training sessions without the consent of the chairperson.

Spectators are welcome, provided that they do not obstruct the class. disruptive spectators will be asked to leave. Any children brought to class must be seated off the mats in the seating area and properly supervised.

You are responsible for cleaning up any accident they may have inside or outside. NO DOGS ALLOWED ON THE GRASS AREA TO THE RIGHT OF PARKING LOT IN FRONT OF BUILDING. A bucket is provided and you must clean up after your own dog. Anyone caught not cleaning up after their own dog or not abiding by this rule will be charged $5.00 per incident.

Do NOT feed your dog before coming to class. Feed them earlier in the morning or wait until after class. This helps prevent accidents and your dog will be more alert.

NO hard treats, as they break up and crumble all over the floor, making a mess. Only soft little ones such as liver, chicken, hot dogs, or a commercial soft treat.

Dogs must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. For excessive barking we do use lemon juice. Dogs that show aggression may be referred to other training facilities.

Equipment that JBKC uses: Flat buckle collar, Gentle Leader, Halti, Harness, No-slip chain, Fursaver chain, Small link Pinch collar, and 6-foot leather, nylon, or cotton leash. All equipment will be checked and MUST fit correctly and be the proper size.

Equipment that JBKC does not use: E-collars, chain leashes, and Flexi-leads.

NO harsh punishment allowed such as: hollering, hitting, kicking. These punishments will be grounds for your dismissal from class. Patience and Praise are required to train a happy dog.

A good foundation will bring the best results. There are many, many ways to get from point A to point B and we will try to find the best method of training for your particular dog.

All chairperson's for all classes will have the final say for what goes on in their class, even over the trainer's if need be. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to stay after class and discuss it with the chairperson or the trainer.

Thank you and happy training!

Contact Information
102 W Delavan Drive
Janesville, WI 53546

Contact Information
(608)752-4485 (8a-9p)

For all questions regarding our current classes, please see our Classes page.

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