Helping our local community

The Janesville-Beloit Kennel Club participated in HSSW "Let's Take a Walk".

JBKC donated $500 to help K-9 Fred with Czar's Promise for his cancer treatments.

Scent work with kids

Can you smell that? These dogs sure can. The children in a summer school class in Sharon, WI watched and learned as members of our club demonstrated scent discrimination

Wild Weenies Commercial

What a perfect way to get involved in the community! Watch as these star pooches become famous. Starring a few of Darcy's long-haired dachshunds.

Holiday Parades

It's always a jolly holiday with the kennel club. From the lights on the floats to bunches of holiday cheer on every pooch.

Meet the Breed

These pups are eager to greet everyone. From small dogs to large dogs you can get a look at the characteristics behind each and every breed.