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On April 2nd 2016 Janesville-Beloit Kennel Club hosted a live-saving Pet CPR & First Aid Workshop. It was a great learning experience for all participants and a lot of fun too!

All 20 participants left with a lot of information to help save dog's (and cats!) lives in the case of an emergency situation as well as a CPR & First Aid Certificate good for 2 years.

A Huge thanks to Anna at Canine Essentials and Darlene for instructing the class!

Learning First Aid for bee stings, poisoning, snake bites, etc.

Learning Pet CPR & First Aid

Teaching the correct position for performing chest thrusts, in the case of choking.

Finding the correct position for performing chest thrusts, in the case of choking.

Checking the femoral artery

Checking the femoral artery

Practicing CPR

Practicing CPR

Learning CPR on smaller dogs

Learning about Rescue Breathing

Practicing Rescue Breathing

Practicing CPR & Rescue Breathing

Learning to muzzle piece piece of felt

Practice muzzling a "wild" dog. For this exercise, one person moved the stuffed dog as if it was trying to get away from being muzzled -similar to what they do if they are in pain, yet they still need assistance- while the other person worked on muzzling the dog for safety.

Practice muzzling a "wild" dog.

Practicing muzzling on a real dog

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